WordPress主题TechLife具有由Bootstrap 3支持的响应式移动就绪设计,在所有设备上看起来都很棒。TechLife主题具有仅为您的维修店或电子商店提供的功能性和针对性功能。例如服务和团队成员的列表,用于显示任何照片或产品标语的不同类型的画廊和元素,推荐书和营业时间。




Tech Life is a premium niche WordPress theme designed specially for mobile phone and tablet repair shops, computer and laptop repair businesses, camera repair shops, printer repair shops, television repair, stereo system repairs, electronic stores and any other technology repair shops and stores.

Tech Life features a responsive mobile ready design powered by Bootstrap 3 that looks great on all devices. Tech Life is packed with functional and targeted features just for your repair shop or electronic store. Such as listing for services and team members, different types of galleries and elements for displaying any photos or product banners, testimonials and opening hours.

Tech life also features a powerful theme options panel and additional page and post meta options that make it very easy to customize many aspects of the theme with just a few clicks. No coding skills required.