WordPress主题Casano v1.0.8-配饰和日用品WooCommerce主题

WordPress主题Casano v1.0.8-配饰和日用品WooCommerce主题




Casano主题旨在与SEO友好并符合HTML 5标准。无论您有很多文章还是许多不同的产品一起加载到页面上,它的设计都具有最快的页面加载速度。




WordPress主题Casano v1.0.8-配饰和日用品WooCommerce主题

Casano is a WooCommerce theme designed for multi-purpose. You can sell anything with Casano theme like furniture, electronics, fashion, barber shop, toys …

Casano is a theme designed to work on any device, especially mobile devices. With the mobile first design language, the Casano theme brings a great experience on mobile devices. Nowadays, almost every website visit comes from mobile devices, so Casano will be the perfect choice for all mobile users.

Casano supports a complete ajax shop, with intelligent filtering, delivering extremely fast speeds, eliminating the need to wait for page loads. And Casano, with its Instant Product Search system, instantly finds results instantly when you type without waiting for a moment.

Casano theme is designed to be SEO friendly and meets HTML 5 standards. It is also designed to have the fastest page load speed, whether you have lots of articles or a lot of different products that load together on the page.

Casano is easy to use for everyone, without the knowledge of code or webmaster. All our demos can be imported quickly with a single click. Take a look at our demo to experience.